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The challenge

Refreshing Brand with Numerous Stakeholders

The Huebner Foundation needed a brand refresh. Their brand did not showcase who they were or what they did. With a recent headquarter move to Atlanta's Georgia State University, the foundation desired a brand more aligned to that of the University.

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A Nod to its Past and A Push to the Future

The Huebner Foundation has deep roots with the Wharton School of Business. In 2019, the Huebner Foundation moved its headquarters to Georgia State University. While the foundation is thrilled at the support from GSU, they also wanted to nod to its rich history in Pennsylvania. At Maze, we were able to incorporate a blend of the school colors and iconography to accomplish both a nod to the past and a push to the future.


60 Days
A Complete Website Overhaul and Brand Refresh in 60 Days
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