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The challenge

Small Businesses in Dire Situation

In March 2020, the world shut down as we all know it. NCR has a sizable small and medium-sized business clientele, and NCR needed a way to communicate hope and viability in the midst of the unknown affects of COVID-19.

Complicated SBA Process
  • The government quickly passed the SBA loans, but the process was complicated. And banks were still trying to get their systems up and running.
Declining Revenue
  • Small and medium-sized businesses already began to bear the brunt of the shutdown.
Confused Business Owners
  • With new laws and mandates ever unveiling, businesses were left confused, unsure, and full of doubt.


Clear Process for SBA Loan Application

NCR reached out to Maze to help put together simple and meaningful content for their small and medium-sized clients regarding the SBA loans. Maze worked directly with NCR's senior copywriter to research and develop easy-to-understand scripts to help businesses apply for their SBA loans and released 3 motion graphics videos to support the message - all within 7 days.


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3 Videos Produced in < 7 Days
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