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The challenge

Relaunching a Timeless Story into a Digital Frontier

After 40+ years, Perimeter Church underwent a major transition as the founding pastor passed the baton to Jeff Norris. This meant a complete organizational restructure and shift to prioritizing digital methods to achieve its strategic goals. The first challenge was creating a brand story that honored the past while representing the personality and priorities of the new senior pastor.

Moving into the Age of Digital Outreach
  • The new senior pastor, Jeff, brought a passion for reaching a younger demographic while also expanding the influence of the church. While digital was not ignored in the church, their primary method of outreach were through traditional means.


Brand, Digital, and Physical Transformation

Maze partnered with the Executive Leadership Team for over a year during the senior pastor transition to reimagine the next phase of the church’s vision and strategy. This began with developing a new brand identity followed by a complete rebuild of the website. Several ministries within the church had their branding redone in this process resulting in nearly a mile of wall art design and animated video content for the children’s and student ministries.

Maze also built a content platform for the church called, “Essentials” that compiled the core teachings of the former senior pastor along with the new pastor’s. The new senior pastor published a book during the rebrand called, “Rooted,” which Maze helped design and create a website for. Maze also helped Perimeter launch City Impact, which is a churchwide effort to reach the ten surrounding cities in the area. This work helped Perimeter build a solid brand and digital foundation for the future.

  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design
  • Social Strategy
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Editing
  • Wall Design


Fresh Life into a Strong Brand


6 Unique Brands

Maze worked with Perimeter Church to establish brands for not only the church but also the various large ministries within Perimeter Church, including the student ministries, City Impact, and a book.


5,000+ square feet of wall design

Maze designed 5,000+ square feet of wall design within Perimeter Church to help bring the new brands to life around the church.


1 Music Video

Maze helped produce a music video for Colin Baxter, member of Perimeter Worship, "Where You Belong."

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