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The challenge

Pandemic Product Launch

MyVisorShield was launched by two business owners looking to turn the tables on their declining small business revenues. While they patented the product, they needed a website, videos, and graphics support to get the product launch off the ground.

A Tight Timeline
  • "The pandemic might be over in a month." Two men took a calculated risk in launching MyVisorShield, knowing that the turn time for profitability dwindled with each day.
Changing Safety Measures
  • The CDC was releasing new updates daily as to safety measures and updated research, making it difficult to forecast the perfect face shield for everyday use.
A Concerned Buyer
  • All people are rightfully concerned with safety and comfort. How can these two man make a product that is both optimized for safety and convenience?


A New Website and A Targeted Messaging Campaign

Prior to engaging Maze, MyVisorShield sold all of their product through Etsy. While experiencing success, a large chunk of their margins were eaten by the platform. Maze built an e-commerce website, integrated content-driven email automations, and produced how-to videos in 30 days.

  • Visual and Verbal Brand Identity
  • Testimonial Video
  • Brand Video
  • Unboxing Video
  • Product Photography
  • New Website with E-Commerce
  • Marketing Automation
  • Facebook Ad Campaigns


4 Weeks
Launch a Product with Marketing
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