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The challenge

Stale Engagement, Low Conversion

Cutting Edge Firewood averages 250 new subscribers to its newsletter weekly. However, the conversion rate stalled at 2% with average orders sitting below the company average.

Competing Priorities
  • The Director of Marketing was slammed with other priorities, and the email series took a back seat to other initiatives.
Low Engagement
  • After customers signed up for the newsletter, users slowly waned throughout the email series. After the initial email touchpoint upon subscription, engagement dramatically decreased.


Launch an Improved Content-Driven Email Journey for New Subscribers

Maze came on board as a partner to the Marketing Director of Cutting Edge Firewood to take on initiatives he was too busy to handle. Our first task was to revamp the email series from concept to design and execution.

Cutting Edge immediately saw engagement spike and orders start to come through at a more regular cadence.

An Optimized Journey
  • Maze redesigned each email for mobile-optimization and integrated with the overall brand and design.
  • We extended the email series by 67% for simpler and more conversion-focused email messages over a longer period of time. Emails were shortened, and call-to-actions were strengthened.


Increase in Average Order


Conversion Rate Increase

The number of subscribers converting increased substantially.


Increase in Engagement

Subscribers began engaging with the email journey either through orders, opens, or clicks in a substantial way.


9% Conversion Rate

We went from a 1.9% conversion rate to a 9% conversion rate in the email campaign - 5x the # of orders in the same amount of time!

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