Pulsar GuardtTec

Pulsar GuardTec

Digital Marketing
Motion Graphics
Graphic Design
Targeted Ad Campaigns
Custom Landing Pages
Core Brand Messaging
Email Campaigns

The challenge

Go To Market - Fast

For nearly 30 years, Pulsar® products has been at the cutting edge of commercial swimming pool water treatment. They had recently been acquired by Solenis when they approached Maze for a rapid product launch. After years of COVID delays, they needed to get their product branded with core messaging and a product launched, fast.

  • Position and Messaging Support
  • Sales Collateral (PowerPoint Design, Sales Sheets)
  • Teaser Motion Graphics and Script
  • Landing Page Design
  • Trade Show Signage
  • Social Media Ads


Rapid Prototyping + All Hands Workshop

Maze immediately got to work. We came up with a roadmap that front-loaded the campaign with the foundation for core messaging and core design. Maze involved key stakeholders at the marketing and product level to become experts in the product itself in order to develop the unique go-to-market copy for product launch. This messaging in turn guided the campaign creative as multiple directions were explored.


A Successful Launch

Arsenal of Assets


5 Social Ad Sets

We created 5 distinct social ad sets both static and with motion to be utilized for organic and paid social efforts with messaging established during the initial stage.


7 Unique Features

Through our discovery phase and messaging workshops, we identified 7 unique identifiers of GuardTec. These features helped guide the trade show, sales collateral and landing page messaging.


1 Launch Video

The Pulsar GuardTec teamed left Maze with an arsenal of assets to go to market with their cloud-based GuardTec.

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