Georgia State University

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The challenge

Pandemic Program Launch, Stretched Marketing Department

Georgia State University's Robinson College of Business needed department support, and they needed it now.

Forced Online
  • Georgia State's Robinson College of Business need an online solution for their undergrad program. The Robinson College of Business decided to pursue the Online Degree in Marketing and Finance, but how would they hit enrollment numbers?
The Right Audience
  • GSU needed to source the right audience for their program.

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A Coordinated Message

Maze has stepped into the Robinson Marketing Department in a number of capacities. But most recently, Maze helped launch the all-new Robinson Online only Undergraduate degree.

All-New Online Program
  • Georgia State's Robinson College of Business launched an all-new BBA degree completion program in Marketing and Finance. The school pulled the resources together in the middle of the pandemic, and Maze stepped in to help build a communication plan.
The Right Message
  • Working directly with both Marketing and key staff, Maze interviewed prospective students, faculty, and other staff members to develop key messaging surrounding the program launch.
Compelling Marketing
  • After solidifying messaging, Maze then developed and deployed a number of graphic and email assets to encourage enrollment.


New Robinson Marketing Online Campaign Launched
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