Graphic Design
Motion Graphics

The challenge

Zero Digital Engagement

The Pandemic forced Pindrop to completely transform their marketing strategy to focus exclusively on digital efforts. But they were not prepared or equipped to be digital-first.

Loss of Live Events
  • Most of Pindrop's lead generation and brand awareness came from live events. Pindrop's online presence was minimal, and its purpose was primarily to support presence at live events.
Risk of Falling Behind
  • Pindrop needed to make a big digital marketing pivot quickly fast or risk getting left behind during a time when revenue and business momentum were crucial.


Launch a thought leadership digital content platform and brand campaign

Maze helped Pindrop establish and grow their digital presence by branding and creating a digital content platform and providing ongoing support to create and promote monthly webinars and online events. During this initiative, Maze helped Pindrop develop and launch a brand campaign and product launch that further established Pindrop's digital presence.

  • Launched Digital Platform
  • Pindrop Pulse Brand Campaign
  • Virtual Sales Kickoff Design Support
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Ad Graphics


Exposure, digital engagement and new digital channels

Brand campaign developed and launched in < 90 days
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