Goss RV

Digital Marketing
Graphic Design
Website Design

The challenge

Disparate Systems, Uniformed Marketing, Antiquated Brand.

GossRV had not seen any real success with a marketing partner or agency. Because of that, Goss did not have visibility into what the greatest opportunities and threats were in their go-to-market strategy.

6 Possible Verticals
  • After going through thousands of rows of data, we identified their largest customer groups.
Declining Revenue
  • Family trip rentals, their largest revenue stream, was declining at an average of 6% in revenue per year.
Vague Conversion Tracking
  • GossRV was spending tens of thousands on paid search without visibility into what was converting and why.


Launch a Modern Luxury Brand, Integrate Marketing Best Practices

Prior to engaging Maze, Goss focused its marketing efforts on showcasing the Luxury RVs, highlighting their features and focusing the audience’s attention on the high-end vehicle. Maze proposed that marketing focus on visualizing the experience possibilities for customers using the Luxury RV instead of maintaining focus on the vehicle.

  • Rebranding
  • Graphic and Video Creation
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Core Brand Messaging
  • Customized content-driven email campaigns
  • Targeted Social and Goodle Ad Campaigns
  • Marketing Automation Integration


Growth, exposure, and new business.

Growth in New Business


Increase in Vacation Rentals YoY


Increase in Organic Search Results


Increase in direct-to-site consumers

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